Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Put in Bay with the Hokes!!

This past week I went to Put in Bay with Jamie and her parents, Kathy and Buzz. I was a lot of fun! We drove a golf cart all around the island site seeing, went to a winery, ate at a lot of good restaurants, got ice cream, and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful day!
All of the photos where taken with a my mom's Canon G10....I didn't want to lug around my heavy camera and lenses.
I took this photo this photo of my beautiful girlfriend Jamie : ) on the ferry while we on our way to the Island!
Me and Jamie on the Ferry
Me and Jamie trying on some crazy hats! lol
I love this old sail boat! I wish I could go on it and climb up to the crows nest!
These are some photos of a nuclear power plant by Lake Erie. I love how the sun rays are beaming through the clouds!
these where taken with my Canon 5D last time I was at Put in Bay.

Thanks for Viewing!!

I will be having a lot more posts coming! and some more wedding photos soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey trevor, it's been a while since I visited the site. Looks as though you are still doing a great job. :)

I really like the Put-in-bay picture you took and the pictures of the power planet. Thought the rays shining through was wonderful. Anyways, keep the pictures coming.