Monday, November 23, 2009

Jamie and I are engaged!!

Last Sunday November 15th I asked Jamie to marry me and she said yes!! : )

I had bought the ring 2 weeks earlier and had been planing how I was going to do it for a little over a week. I knew that she'd want her friends and family there and would want photos taken. I had multiple places I was thinking of asking her but I ended up picking Grand Rapids, Ohio. There is a really cool restaurant there called Laroe's that has a balcony that overlooks the river and park, so all of our friends and family could see it happen without Jamie knowing. I told Jamie that I wanted to go to the park with her to take photos of her and the scenery then we'd get something to eat at Laroe's restaurant. We arrived at the park at 12:20ish and everyone was already at the restaurant. While Jamie and I walked around I had my brother Dexter take photos of us with my Canon 5d2...Marky and Matt took photos too. My brother Wes was disguised as a random person, wearing a big coat and hat so you couldn't tell it was him and he was video taping!
(above) This is a photo that Dexter took of me and Jamie walking down to the dam in between the canal and river, which is a quarter mile walk or so. Once we got to the end of the path by the dam I took some photos of her on the steps by the river but we didn't spend much time there. I started to walk back and she looked confused/frustrated, she didn't want to walk back yet but I said we had to get going or else we'd miss our reservation....later on I found out she thought I was going to ask her there. So on the walk back I could tell she was a little frustrated :)
Here are some photos I took of Jamie on our walk back to the park, I really like the above photo! These 3 photos were taken with my Canon AE-1 film camera!
Jamie took this photo of me : )
Once we got back to the park we sat down on the bench I'd been planing on asking her to marry me at! I told her I wanted to take some photos of her on the bench then we'd go eat. While we were at the bench Wes was about 20 feet away on another bench video taping.

Being a photographer worked out perfect for asking Jamie to marry me because I can get down on one knee and take photos without her thinking much of it.
Below is the photo I took a little before I popped the question!! I love this photo!
After taking some photos I needed to change my film, so I pulled out a film canister that had the ring in it and asked her to marry me : ) She pushed back in the bench in surprise and started to giggle/squealed/cried and then said yes!! It was awesome! She said, she thought it'd never happen but she knew it was going to happen today lol
It was such a great feeling, finally after 5 years we are getting married! I couldn't be more happy, there's no one else that I love more than Jamie!
Then I pointed over to the crowd of friends and family on the restaurant balcony and everyone was cheering and waving, Jamie was so surprised! It was perfect. She saw Wes with the video camera, and Dexter and Marky taking photos!
It was so great to be surrounded by such great friends and family! There was well over 20 people there and after hugging, talking, and a lot of photos we went in and all ate together! It was the best day of my life so far!
I cannot believe how well it went.
(below) Me & my fiance weird saying fiance!
Now the planning starts! : )

Thanks everyone for coming and supporting and loving me and Jamie over the years! God has truly blessed us with great friends and family!

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Leaff said...

congratulation! Im happy for you two.

Im going to wait the pictures of the wedding day! :P