Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stormy day landscapes - Trevor Lee Photography - Northwest Ohio

I love stormy days, they're my favorite days to go out and shoot! The past couple days have been very overcast and stormy so when I had some free time I went out and took some photos.
I live close to I-75 out in the country and I recently found a really cool stop under the I-75 over passes. I had been waiting for a stormy day to go take some photos. So here they are!
The photo of the train below was not planned...while I was taking photos of the over passes I saw a train coming. I got really excited and climbed up a 15(ish) foot ladder that held the railroad light and waited for the train to come!
Now the ladder/stand I climbed was like 6 feet away from the tracks which I didn't think much of BUT it was a lot closer than I thought. As the train came I was overwhelmed with the size and power of the train, it was so close! I didn't realize the train hung over the rails about 2 I was like 4 or feet away from it! And below is a photo of the train when it was next to me.
(click to see bigger)
But don't worry I was just fine and I totally want to do it again!

Here are some of the photos I took of the over pass!
It's such a cool location, I want to do some portraits out here.
I love the leading lines and all the great colors!
Below is the panoramic view I had when I was on the railroad stand...The road you see is Bays road right of RT-25 and I-75.
NO TRESPASSING = come in and take sweet photos!
This is a huge pond next to I-75, it's hidden behind woods, brush, and fields.
And here's a random photo of a old car in Jerry City..... mile or so from my house.
I just want to thank you all for viewing and I always enjoy feed back so let me know what you think.


More coming soon : )

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photos of Nic

This is Nic and he's a senior at Elmwood High school!
We just walked about BG and took photos, I'm not done editing all of em but here are some!

Thanks for viewing and let me know what you guys think!?