Thursday, January 31, 2008

Macro water pics

Fire pic

Reflection noitcelfeR

(above & below) I took both of these using a tripod and timer.

Vanishing Point

Green House.
Wooster st.
Union Theater

Underwater photos!

(above) this is a fish in the portage quarry in portage, oh.
Jamie swimming in Florida.
(above & below) both of these pics are from Rochbridge camp

Me and mike at Portage quarry.
All of these photos were taken with my Pentax underwater camera.

BG News Pics

Corbie after she scored the game winning goal!

BGSU President dancing with his wife at a football game.

I thought this photo was hilarious!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Car

(above) This is a dream car...1965 Red Ford Mustang Convertible.
This is my favorite photo of my car.

Bird's eye view

(above) In this photo you can see BG, I-75, bg golf corse, BGSU campus and water tower.

BG windmills.
(above) This is a photo of my parents house, if you look close you can see my brother Mitch playing basketball and you can see our horse Prince.
The Miller Mansion in Cygnet, oh.
This is a pic of BG, I like it b/c the houses look like toys and so do the cars...looks so fake.

This past summer i got to fly in a small plane and take pics. It was awesome!

Trevor M. Lee Photography Poster!

I made this poster in my VCT 208 class. It has a lot of my favorite pics.

Random Portraits

(above) This is a photo of one of my friends Matt playing guitar on campus.

(Above) Something is missing in this you know what?

This photo was taken on top of Grounds for Thought. (above)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Photos that remind me of Home

(above) Home!

Prince in his barn/shack.

Here are some photo of and around my home. In the photo above(wide pic of red bench) there are 2 rabbits.