Sunday, September 21, 2008

More exploring pics!

I took both of these pics in Boston!

A millers Falls sunset
Some more Boston Pics

Boston Subway

My Mamiya 645 with a Turners Falls sunset in the back ground!
Some more of Boston

Foggy Turners Falls morning

And some more pics of the Turners Falls sunrise!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me & Tyler Exploring Mass!

Tyler by a boxcar in Millers Falls

The beaver dam after it broke open.
The beaver dam was over three acres big and over 10 yrs old.....when it broke it did a lot of damage! The water ripped apart this bridge above!

These pics are of the river by Turners Falls Ma.
Tyler by a huge abandoned factory in turners

both of these pics are the result of the beaver dam breaking...the river got much deeper and muddier.

lol we took my car off road in Vermont...the pic above was photoshoped to be lower.

Above- Tyler taking a pic in a huge state forest in Vermont!
This is a pic of Chris(in the yellow, who's me and Tyler's roommate), Tyler, and if you look close through the glass Ben, a friend from Hallmark.
Tyler got a warning for going 70mph in a 55 zone...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first couple days at Hallmark

These are some photos of me and Tyler exploring Massachusetts!

(above) Tyler and I in a hollowed out tree on the side of Mt. Greylock.
The highest point in Massachusetts, 3421 ft.! can see the elevation on my phones screen.
The city of Adams behind me.
The view was beautiful!
(above) Me and Tyler on top of Mt. Greylock.

These are all photos of Tyler and I under the bridge thats right down the road from our house.

Thanks for looking and I will put more photos up soon!