Monday, September 28, 2009

Photos from this past weekend

I took this photo in southern Ohio when I was on a canoe trip with the wrestling team.
I also found this VW van. I love old vehicles, if you guys ever know of any old rusty cars/trucks/heavy machinery or cool junk yards let me know!
VW van might be the goofiest looking vehicles ever!

The sky was beautiful on the trip back home, so I took some photos through the windshield.
I have a love hate relationship with power lines... they're always in the way when I'm doing architecture photos and landscapes but sometimes I really like them with sunsets. I think they really make these photos much more interesting, i love the strong contrast and leading lines!
This is my brother Dexter running at Maumee Bay Sate Park(Lake Erie). Elmwood won the race my brothers bother beat their personal records, Wes ran a 16:58 and Dexter ran a 16:45 5k which is 3.1 miles. And Elmwood's top runner Nick Geobel broke the school record running a 16:02!!
These are my 2 youngest brothers Wes on the right who is a senior and Dexter on the left, he's a Sophomore. Dexter took 7th and Wes took 8th.

Thanks for viewing!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Abbie senior pics

This is Abbie, I shot her senior pics a couple days ago and here are a few. I am pretty happy with how they turned out, let me know what you guys think?

I will have a couple more posts this week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wood county landscapes

I love shooting landscapes, when I 1st got my camera a little over 3 years ago all I did was landscapes and I still like doing them when I have some free time. I like shooting landscapes that have a main subject, I shoot them a lot like I shoot my portraits.
This is the bridge that goes over the Rocky Ford river next to my parent's house. When I was a kid I would spend a lot of time hanging out under this bridge, climbing, shooting birds with my bb gun, and floating bouts I made in the river. The bridge is getting rustier every year but I love how it looks. I took this photo yesterday when a storm was passing over.
This is the Mt. Zion church on Portage RD on the west side of Portage township. I was driving around and came across this church, I'd never seen it b4 which is crazy b/c I only live 1o miles away from it. But I love how this photo turned out, I want to make a big print of it!!
This is our lil Honda 70r dirtbike, my parents got it for me and my brothers when were young. We used to ride it all the time, we had a little racecourse in our front yard but we had to change it after Mitch crashed it into our front porch...he broke his nose, wrist, and his knee was pretty jacked up. but the bike is still going strong, now we use it to get the mail, drive into Cygnet, and chase Zooey!

Thanks for viewing, let me know what you think and if you know of any sweet landscape ideas or junk yards let me know!

Random photos....

I have not been shooting as much as I'd like but I have been doing a lot of WORK...editing, scheduling/planning shoots, and marketing. But here are some random photos I've taken.
This is the Elmwood Cross Country team and they are ranked 7th in the State! My brothers Wes and Dexter are one the team they run in the low 17's but should be getting in the 16's soon! And congrats to Nick Goebel on beating is PR, running a 16.17min!!
This photo was taken at Carey HS.
My dad and Zooey on the back porch.
My mom and brother Dexter

Here are some photos I took with my old 5D a month ago of Marky singing at Grumpy Dave's in Bowling Green Ohio. Makry is a very talented musician, he has writen a lot of songs and we're going to shooting some music videos with my 5d2 soon! I am really excited!!

Nashville Trip with Marky

A week ago me and my friend Marky drove to Nashville to visit one my good friends from Hallmark, Sionnie and her husband Greg. It was a lot of fun, I took a ton of photos but sadly my 8GB cp memory card was corrupted, so half of the pics from the trip are lost but here are some I took.
This is Marky Dally, I took these photos at the Parthenon replica in Nashville!
Check out Marky's blog...

There was a ton of street performers in Nashville!

And a lot of horses!
I love this photo of this dog lol
This is me with Marky and Sionnie at the Parthenon.
Hopefully I can go back sometime again and take more photos....I took a lot of interior, cityscape, and landscape photos but they were lost on the bad card. I'm just glade it went bad on this trip and not a wedding : /

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kate & Mike's wedding photos!

I photographed Kate and Mikes wedding this past Friday and it was an awesome wedding! I am so blessed to have photographed so many great weddings this summer, they are a lot of fun and I look forward to shooting more!
(above)I think this is my favorite shoot from the whole wedding!

It was a beautiful day!
Jump shots are awesome!

This photo was taken at the Holland State Park. I was In Holland Michigan for labor day weekend and they were on there honeymoon in Grandville so we met up and took some more photos!

Overall I am really happy with the photos so far, please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holland Michigan photos!

Me and my family went up to Holland Michigan to visit family and it was a lot of fun!! Here are som pics from the visit which were taken with my new Canon 5D mark II !!

This is my cousin Ethan, he is 14 months old!
(click to make bigger)
Ethan is an eating machine, he one ate a whole McDonald's double cheese burger!
My parents at Holland State park on Lake Michigan!
Holland is so beautiful! I'd love to live here some day!!
More lake Michigan photos...

Thanks for viewing and let me know what you think!! I will have wedding photos from Kate & Mikes wedding up in a couple days!