Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photos from this past week

A couple photos of Luke James Preforming at the Clazel this past Friday.
I don't like how the Clazel lights for totally ruins photos!  They need all the colored lights on the background, backlighting the performer, and maybe side light with some different colors BUT they need to have a natural on the person so the skin tones are right.  This way the subject wont blend in with the background!! 

This Charley and he's a 8 week old Mastiff/Shepard mix!
He's gettin so big.
 He can finally run pretty well and loves to play.

 I am a dog person and love puppies!   I can't wait till I can have my own dog someday.

Took this a cloudy night behind Grounds for Thought
 I wish I could grow a beard....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need a new bike!

  This has been my bike for the past 4 years, I road it to almost all of my classes and still ride it pretty much everyday!  It's a Trek 400 Road Bike, it was originally my Uncle Tim's bike but he gave it to my dad 16 years ago, so it's at least 20 some years old.
(click to make all photos bigger)

 I have replaced a lot of parts on it in the past 4 years but it is finally starting to fall apart.
I have crashed it at least 4 times.  I have bent the handlebars, front fork, front rim, and it is scraped up all over. 
 Now that I live in Bowling Green I ride work and just for fun.
I really enjoy riding at night.  It's relaxing, a good way to clear my head, and gets me away from all of the distractions at my apartment. 

I have this iPhone app that tracks my millage, MPH, and tracks me with GPS.  Then sends it to  The site keeps track of all my miles, in the past 3 weeks  have averaged 12.4 miles per day!  I am riding almost as much as I drive now!
 Here's a screen shot of my bike ride route from the other night, I road all around BG.  I can also name & save the routes so I can ride them again in the future...this one was a trip down memory lane.  
 But my bike isn't doing so well though, the back wheel wobbles, most of the gears don't work right, and all the barrings grind.  I really need/want a new bike.  I want to get something that'll last all long as my Trek has!  I don't have the money now but hopefully by the spring I can get one.
I'd love to have this Trek! 

Thanks for viewing and if you have any suggestions of bike brands let me know.

Senior Portraits

These are just some of senior portrait photos I have took in the past month.

This is Nick.  Nick is a senior at Elmwood High.

 Here are a couple photos of Drew, I should be posting more soon!

 Photo of my youngest brother Dexter running at State.  He ran a 16:58 and the Elmwood Cross Country team took 8th!

 Foggy night Photos.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Zooey's Puppies!

Zooey had 10 puppies, they are 4 weeks old and so cute!  They are a German Shepard & Bull Mastiff mix.
 There are 5 brown and 5 black puppies.
 This is Carlos, he is the biggest puppy, weighing in around 6 lbs!  THey should be around 80lbs once they are full grown.

 We took them outside on a warm day so they could run around in the grass, they loved it.

One of the pups just relaxing in between my mom's feet. 

Some NYC & Bowling Green Photos

Rainy nights are the best nights for taking photos because the rain on the ground reflect all the great colors from the lights!
Here are some photos of the Clazel in Bowling Green Ohio.
 I live right down the road from South Side 6....they have the best gyros!
Candid photo of my mom on the subway in NYC
 It's so strange to see a horse in NYC
 I didn't really take much photos of NYC, I was in to much of a rush.  I want to go back soon and just go around by myself and take some photos.  The city is overwhelmingly huge and I just need to pick one area and shoot there.
 Some photos at Time one of my least favorite places in NYC to visit, it's so crowded.
My brother and his Cross Country team (Elmwood High) qualified for State again this year!  Congrats guys!
Above is my brother Dexter and below is Nick who is the lead runner for Elmwood, Dex is the 2nd.

 Some photos of my good friend Marky

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I just recently got an Apple iPhone 4 and I love it!  There are so many great photo apps and here are some of the photos I have taken this past week!

I've been riding my bike a lot more now that I am back in town! 
 Took this in the Olscamp Building on the BGSU campus 
Scrabble is my favorite board game
 Varsity lanes
 my favorite beer
 My apt....K103

Crossing the Ohio River
 Louisville Kentucky 

lonely living room
 I have never really understood why people do this...
 I wish the Clazel was still a movie theatre 
Time heals but but there are some thing I know I'll never forget.  

Thanks for viewing and I'll be updating soon!