Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tiger Game Photos

A couple weeks ago my family and I went to a Tigers game in Detroit Michigan.

 I love that painting on the side of that building.

 It was a great game!

 Lindsey and I at Comerica Park
 My brother Wes

 My beautiful girlfriend Lindsey! 
 Lindsey and my mom
 My cousin Ethan and my mom
 My cousin Ethan and I.
 My family! 

 Some random photos from Comerica Park

 Lee Family
 I love the following photos.  My dad and brother Wes were jumping across a sidewalk and mu cousin Ethan thought it was the coolest thing ever!  

 He is so cute! 

Landscape Photos

These are some photo I took over the past couple months.

I really like the photo below of the Clazel in Bowling Green Ohio.  It makes the city look like an old western movie scene,
 Behind one of the Bowling Green bars.
 Bowling Green State University's football stadium.
 The next 3 photos are of Toledo Ohio.

THanks for viewing and let me know what you think.


Old Waterville Bridge

Some friends and I explored this bridge 4 years ago and I have always wanted to go back.  So Lindsey and I went there and took some photos.  

Last time I went I climbed up a tree to get on top of the bridge but some cut the tree down.  I think I'm gonna go back soon with a rop and climb it! 

I really like this photo Lindsey below.

Here are some random photos I took over the past month...
The photo below was taken from my apartment window...I love rainy days.

Here are a couple photos from the Bowling Green Historical Grounds.  I'm gonna go back soon and take more photos.

Thanks for viewing : )