Friday, May 7, 2010

Snook's Dreams Cars Shoot - Trevor Lee Photography - Bowling Green Ohio

Here are some photos I took this past Monday at Snook's Dream Cars in Bowling Green Ohio. Snook's is a car museum and they have a lot of amazing cars! Here are just a few of the photos I took!
This is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air ....and sorry I don't have all of the cars/names/years but I might add em later. This car was beautiful! The detail and the over top design is amazing, they defiantly don't make cars like this anymore!
These two photos were taken infront of the Snooks building.
An old 50's Ford in front of Snooks, all of the cars they have run very well and look brand new!
Pontiac GTO! ...1966...i think. This was taken inside the Snooks building...there are 20 plus other cars in this room!
A sweet 60's Jaguar convertible!
This is a 1933 Cadillac 355C. I love the 2 tone black and blue!
And it's pretty cool how the door reflected the car next to it.

Here are two more photos of the 33 Cadillac, I really like the front of this car is so sweet!
I have more photos from this shoot and I want to go back and take more of there cars, so hopefully I get some more photos up soon!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some photos from different shoots over the past couple weeks!

Here's one of the photos from my shoot with my good friend Chris.  Ever since I took landscape photos here I have wanted to do a portrait here too!  This is the 1st time I have ever taken photos of Chris and I really liked how this one turned out!
50mm Tilt shift photo of my youngest brother Dexter.  I found this old VW van on our neighbors back yard!  
 I really like the lens flare in this pic....I took the photo around sunset!
here's another 50mm tilt shift photos and this Jane, one of me and Jamie's friends from Bowling Green!
I took this at the "Best Motel" in BG.
Photo of my friend/roommate Cody, he has his Debut MMA Fight May 29th in Tiffin Ohio!  For more info go here...!/event.php?eid=122559011092096

 I took these in the Elmwood Wrestling Room!
Mini Cooper in Bowling Green Ohio!  I love this photo!
 snapped this while on the shoot with Jane!

 THanks for viewing everyone!  I am making a portrait portfolio right now and will post pics of it on my blog once it's done!

Findlay Fight knight photos - Trevor Lee Photography - Northwest Ohio

Here are some photos from a MMA cage fight in Findlay Ohio!  Sorry it so long but I have been busy with a lot of stuff and didn't get to edit all of them yet.  So there might be more coming!
 It is so hard to take photos because the fence is always in the way!


 My friend Brian King coming out to fight!   The rest of the pics are of Brian King!

 He pretty much dominated the whole fight! 

 Thanks for viewing!!