Monday, June 29, 2009

My 1st wedding of the summer!

This was my 1st wedding of the summer and it went pretty well here are a few of the photos the 700 I took! It was really fun but exhausting and I had another wedding the next day, which I will post in the next couple days.

This is Tony and Tiffany McBride! Congratulations!!

(above) Tiff and her Dad

Overall, I liked how the photos turned out...there are a lot more! But thanks for viewing and let me know what you think?

Random car photos

Sorry Haven't post in awhile I have been very busy graduating/moving home/getting settled and shooting weddings! .......But I will be updating my blog a lot more now!!

This is my friend Matt driving his Honda Del Sol, I really like how they turned out and I will be doing a lot more of em!

This is The Red Beast....1990 Chevy Astro Van, 237,000 miles and still going strong.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Personal Project - be a photographer for a day!

For a long time I have wanted to do a personal project where I'd give my old camera and lenses to someone who is not a photographer for a day and they could take photos of whatever they want. So this past week I let my brothers, parents, and girlfriend have my camera for a day. I was interested to see what they would take photos of and if they would reflect who they are. They took the photos and I did some editing in lightroom...I picked what I though were my 2 favorites.

So here they are, oldest to youngest. Please let me know what you guys think!!
(to see the images bigger click on it)

This is my Dad, David Allen Lee.
I was really excited to see what my dad would take photos of and I like how they turned out. It was really hard to pick the 2 best. I love the basketball one b/c he choose a very interesting angle, stopped action, and caught really good emotion! And the photo of the burnt newspaper is sweet, I'd never had noticed that but my dad did and got a great photo of it.

This is my Mom, Shelley Rea Lee.
I liked how the portrait turned out of my mom and I like even more how the portrait and my mom's photos look the same photographer took them. I think my mom's photos are beautiful, they have a very natural look.

This is my beautiful girlfriend, Jamie Rogers Hoke : )
Jamie had less than half a day with my camera but her photos were still really good! She took them at the Bowling Green city park. Jamie has a very artistic eye, I love how the photo of the flowers looks like a painting! And the photo of the bird is the complete opposite but is still very good....I'd like to see more photos from her!

This is my 19 yr old brother, Mitchell Raymond Lee.
I love how Mitch's portrait turned out....I shot all of my portraits at f/1.4 or f/1.8. I wanted to focus on there eyes so the photo would be all about them.
Mitchell took around 150 photos and 70% of them were of our cat Ed or our dog Zooey and they were all pretty good! Our cat Ed is very photogenic and we have 100s of photos of him but this one is different from them all. It was taken under our back porch and love calm and relaxed he looks. The sunset photo was taken next to our house and I really like the bright orange!

This is my 18 yr old brother Westley Sheldon Lee.
This is my favorite of all the portrait I took for this project. I like there is a blueish theme to was taken in Wes' sweet 1993 Mercury Topaz! lol
Westley's photos are awesome, he used the macro lens for both of these and focused on small details. The 1st one is a photo of a plant on our front porch and it's cool how he focused on the water drop. The second photo is a slinky, I love the abstract way he shot it. I was very impressed with all of his work!

This is my 16 yr old brother, Dexter David Lee.
Dexter loves the outdoors and all of his photos really showed it. The 1st photos is some bottles from our kitchen placed in front of a beautiful Ohio sunset! The placement/composition of the bottles is great, I think this photo is very great! And I love the 2nd image b/c only Dexter could get this image, it was 50 ft up in a tree!! He builds tree houses out in our woods and he is a very good climber! And you can see how flat Ohio is!!!

Overall I was very impressed with all of there work and I like how the project turned out! I want to do it again with some more people!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friends : )

I have been home for the past week and I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family. I leave early tomorrow morning to go back to Mass and I am excited to go back and hang out with friends. I graduate in 11 days, time have flown by so fast!!

This is Matthew Earl Bowley with his Honda Del Sol!

This Marky, Marky is a very talented musician!! This photo was taken on top of a 70 ft grain silo and it was the most scared i have ever been taking a photo. I was standing on the same bored that Mark in was sitting on and it was really winding.

Mark took both of these photos.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random photos from this past week!

Hello everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, here are some random photos I took this past week. AND I will have a another post within the next 2'll be sweet!

Red Stripe is awesome!!
Below is a photo of Jamie and her parents Kathy and Buzz. I really enjoyed hanging out with them!!

Above is a photo of my friend Darin with his Siberian husky pup. We went camping at Hidden Lake in Swanton, Ohio....cold night but a lot of fun!
Above is the family cat ED, Ed is getting pretty old and now he just lays wherever he wants...he's on our dinner table!

Ed and our dog Zooey takin a nap! lol