Thursday, October 14, 2010

I just recently got an Apple iPhone 4 and I love it!  There are so many great photo apps and here are some of the photos I have taken this past week!

I've been riding my bike a lot more now that I am back in town! 
 Took this in the Olscamp Building on the BGSU campus 
Scrabble is my favorite board game
 Varsity lanes
 my favorite beer
 My apt....K103

Crossing the Ohio River
 Louisville Kentucky 

lonely living room
 I have never really understood why people do this...
 I wish the Clazel was still a movie theatre 
Time heals but but there are some thing I know I'll never forget.  

Thanks for viewing and I'll be updating soon!

Ahhh it's been so long!! ...sorry!

Hey everyone, it has been so long since I have updated my blog!  But here is just a little bit of the past 2 months!
And I have a lot of personal projects planned to you'll be seeing more soon! 

These next two photos are of my good friend Julie!  I took these at a laundry mat on the south side of BG.  I really like how this photo turned out, it's possibly one of my favorite portraits of mine!
Both of these photos were taken with my Canon 5D2
 Took this on the merry-go-round behind the laundry mat and I almost threw up from spinning around so much lol
 Took this photo in Columbus Ohio while hanging out Jess, such a fun day!  This photo reminds me of the movie Vanilla Sky...I love these colors! Canon 5D2
 Ohio skys are beautiful.  Took this in my parent's back yard.  Taken with Canon s90.
 one of the only dirt roads I know of in the area...taken with my s90 point n shoot.
 I don't know what it is but I really like parking garages...I want to go back and take some portraits here! 
I assisted on a shoot of Cedric Benson (the running back for the Bangles!) for ESPN magazine!  Michael Nemeth was the photographer.  These are just behind the scenes pics taken with my s90.
 It was a really fun shoot and we got walk around the stadium and go on the field.
 Cedric was a really cool guy and was great to work with!
University of Nebraska Stadium! 
 Ceder Point with Hallmark friends!! 

Senior pics of Scott...taken with 5D2

Self portrait on top of Grounds for Thought
Early BG sunrise
Late night long exposures on BGSU campus 
 Road trip to Nebraska 

 One of my new favorite beers!

Foggy Bowling Green Morning! 
 I moved into my new place but I need some furniture.... 

 Fight Club Self Portrait

More photos are coming!! 

Thanks for viewing!