Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canon s90 photos!

These are some photos taken with my Canon s90 compact camera.  I take it everywhere and I really like a lot of the photos I've made with it!

Middle Town Ohio.....this photo reminds me of The movie "Sin City"

Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be.
Self portrait...huge homemade reflector and flood light!

peaceful place

Photo through my car windshield 

 This is a place I like to go and think.

bays road crossing...

Some people write in a journal how they feel but I document my feelings and thoughts through photography. Self portraits challenge me, they force me to be honest with myself and get my feelings and thoughts out in the open. Then I take a photo that reflects me at that moment.

Lightning strikes
Inside, my chest to keep me up at night
Dream of ways
To make you understand my pain

- lyrics from a John Mayer song. I kept waking up and couldn't sleep well, so I got up around 4am and took this photo. I'm very grateful I did, I ended up staying up the rest of the night and got to spend some quality time praying, thinking, and reading. It was just what I needed.

light in the dark

nothing like a late night Waffle House hangout with friends!

Wooster St sunset.  I love the reflection on my hood...taken out sunroof.

Scrabble is like Life, got gotta work with what you got and right now I don't have much. a ton of vowels and 2 consonants.....
Scrabble with Marky at Grounds!

Wooster St again, BG is a beautiful place!  

Next 3 photos are of the Ohio State Rec Center, it's a really sweet building!

 My brother Wes in my parents garage, gotta love manual on a compact camera! 

Sun sets on 6 years of my life.......taken on a very tough and pivotal day in my life.

THanks for viewing and let me know what you think!!