Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chicago Trip Photos

I have been wanting to go back to Chicago and photograph it for a long time and I finally did this past weekend!
Chicago is by far one of my favorite cities and is only a four hour drive away so I'm gonna try to go there more often.
Here are some of the photo I took.

 Ever since I saw the Chicago Cloud Gate(The Bean) back in 2006 I have wanted to take photos of it at sunrise...and thats pretty much the only time people aren't there too.  So I got there at 5:30am to start taking photos.
 I love how it reflects the skyline/ the sky, it's by far one of my favorite modern art sculptures!
It took 2 years to make and was finished in 2006.
 I took the photo below at 11:30 pm, there are actually people in the photo but all but one are blurred because it's a 2 min exposure...on the 24 hour security guy didn't move.  
 Chicago defiantly has the best skyline of all U.S. cities, in fact Chicago is the birth place of the sky scraper.  I was a 10 story steal structure building, it was built in 1885 and at the time it was the tallest building in America but was sadly demolished in the 1930's.
 This is what the bean looks like during the day, 100's of people visit it everyday.
 Below is a photo of part of the outdoor Millenium Park Theater which is right by the Bean. 
 This was the view from our hotel room.  Chicago is such a beautiful city, and by far the cleanest big city i have even been in....it's the complete oposite of Detroit!
 The are drawbridges everywhere.

This photo was taken behind the the hotel we stayed at, the Chicago Sun-Times.  I don't think this draw bridge works anymore but it was cool to see one up, and you can see the Willis Tower(formerly called the Sears Tower) in the back ground.  I believe it's the tallest building in the U.S.

 There are an endless amount of beautiful reflective buildings in Chicago, I love how they reflect the sky and other buildings.  

 It's always amazes me how many different levels big cities have, it's no NYC but Chicago has a lot beneath your feet!
 A Bentley Continental GT, a 180 Gran car...it blows my mind how many sweet cars you see in big cities.

Had to visit the apple store and play with the iPad 2

 If I lived in the city I'd either work at an Apple Store or clean Sky scraper windows!!
These guys are 70 stories high!
 A one minute exposure of the Chicago waterfront. 

I enjoyed my visit to Chicago and defiantly want to go back when it's not 28 degrees!  THere are still a lot of places I want to visit/photograph in Chicago and if you have any suggestions let me know.

Thanks for viewing! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Detroit photos

A couple weeks ago my friend Sara and I went to Detroit to take some photos.  We went to the Michigan Central Station which has been closed since 1988.  It has been used many movies like Transformers, the Island, and 8 mile....and it's been in a couple Eminem music videos.
 We didn't end up going inside but I am planning on going back sometime soon and taking some photos inside of it!
 Detroit was planning on tearing it down but didn't because people sued saying it was a nationally historic building, that was in 2009.  Now the people who own it have plans to possibly rebuild it, which would be awesome because it's a beautiful building!  But they say it'll cost over 80 million to rebuild!
 Took this photo in an old abandoned house that was burnt down.  
I love this old TV just sittin by itself. 
 This is the house where I found the TV.
 I love the colors!
 Majority of the houses near central station are boarded up and abandoned.
 A guy preaching by himself outside of an abandoned church.
 THis building is right across from Camerica Park.
 THese next two photos where taken from Belle Island outside of Detroit.
Detroit is on the right side and you can see the Ambassador bridge crossing over to Windsor, Canada.  

I really enjoyed visiting Detroit, it's beautiful in it's own way and I cannot wait to go back and photographe it again.
If you know of any sweet places in Detroit to photographe let me know! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I took photo out my apt window

4:08am self portrait
This is my car, I've had if for almost 6 years and it's still going strong!  Has almost 120,000 miles.
Took this on court st in Bowling Green Ohio
I have been doing a lot of shooting for What A Visit whatavisit.com
What A Visit is a marketing/advertising website my friend Micah and I launched in Bowling Green Ohio!

Here are just a few photos I have taken for the site....to see more of the photos from this shoot click here whatavisit.com/bliss/
This was a for Bliss, it was a really fun shoot!

To see more of my photos on What A Visit click on the links below...

Thanks for viewing!

Nick Goebel Senior Pics in the Elmwood wrestling room

 Here are a couple photos of Nick I took in the Elmwood wrestling room.  Nick is by far one of toughest wrestlers Elmwood has ever had, he's a 3 time state place...placing 1st, 3rd, and 2nd!  He has a career record of 175-17.

I really like how these pics turned out...let me know what you think?