Friday, August 5, 2011

Detroit Photos - 2

Detroit is by far my favorite city to photograph.  I wish I could spend a year exploring this tragically beautiful city, I'd never run out of interesting thing to photograph. It's a dark and gloomy city but I truly believe that someday Detroit be beautiful once again. 

These are some photos of the Michigan Central Station.  I am planning a trip to photograph the inside of this massive building, so hopefully I'll have some more photos up soon.

Not sure if you can tell but all of the windows have been taken out, not broken.  I hope this means that they are renovating demolishing it.
This is my 2nd time photographing the Central Station, to see the photos from the 1st time go here.

An art peice someone did in one of the abandoned houses near the Central Station. 
 I love this photo!
I photographed this same scene 6 months ago...check it out here.

Love these layers.

Random monkey in the window of an abandoned factory.
I love these colors!!

Collection of old stuffed animals. 

Please let me know if you have any places I should shoot in Detroit.  
I have a long list but can always use more!

Thanks for viewing!