Thursday, March 20, 2008


I took this photo of my brother Mitchell in the middle of wrestling practice and I love it!
(above) I think I submitted this photo earlier but I did some PS work on it. This is one my favorite photos of my Mom.
Zoey is all grown up!
A beautiful pink BG sunset!
(above) I did submit this photo earlier but I enhanced the colors and did a lot of highlighting. This is one of my all time favorites b/c it reminds me of home and I love the colors and perspective!
Premonition preforming, I did some PS work and added some lens flare to make it more interesting!

Lately I have been learning a lot more about Photoshop by doing a lot of tutorials. I spend at least 4 hrs a week messing around on Photoshop! I want to know as much as possible!

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sara said...

The one of your mom is great. She looks so beautiful. And that one of the farm is awesome. It's kind of erie but sweet at the same time. And the pinkish one of the cars...I like the how the head lights on the cars bounce off of the street. Your really good!