Thursday, November 6, 2008

Phase one Final Project Photos!

(above) Freezing motion, photo of Mike popping a water balloon.
(above) showing motion, you try and figure it out.
(above) outdoor portrait, photo of my girlfriend Jamie.
(above) cold on warm, Photo of Jamie.
(above) Warm on Warm, Jamie.
(above) Back lit outdoor portrait, photo of John.
(above) indoor flash, photo of John and Angie...this is my least favorite photo!!
(above) product shot, JD on a bridge in Turners Falls, ma.
(above) portrait breaking lines, photo of Sarah in Northampton.
(above) self portrait

I been learning so much here at Hallmark, I'm shooting all the time! If you ever want to go out and shoot with me let me know!

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joelman said...

Nice freezing motion shot! Have you ever heard of Frederik Leiberath? He's done a lot of awesome shots with stuff like this. Things like panes of glass shattering and whatnot. Check his site, you'd like it: