Monday, June 29, 2009

My 1st wedding of the summer!

This was my 1st wedding of the summer and it went pretty well here are a few of the photos the 700 I took! It was really fun but exhausting and I had another wedding the next day, which I will post in the next couple days.

This is Tony and Tiffany McBride! Congratulations!!

(above) Tiff and her Dad

Overall, I liked how the photos turned out...there are a lot more! But thanks for viewing and let me know what you think?


Jackie Y [dot] com said...

they're great ! congrats on the first of the summer!

Rafael h. said...

man, i loove you photograps!, i always see your photograps but i never comment. Keep doining an amazing job.

greetings from Mexico.

Rafael H.