Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stormy day landscapes - Trevor Lee Photography - Northwest Ohio

I love stormy days, they're my favorite days to go out and shoot! The past couple days have been very overcast and stormy so when I had some free time I went out and took some photos.
I live close to I-75 out in the country and I recently found a really cool stop under the I-75 over passes. I had been waiting for a stormy day to go take some photos. So here they are!
The photo of the train below was not planned...while I was taking photos of the over passes I saw a train coming. I got really excited and climbed up a 15(ish) foot ladder that held the railroad light and waited for the train to come!
Now the ladder/stand I climbed was like 6 feet away from the tracks which I didn't think much of BUT it was a lot closer than I thought. As the train came I was overwhelmed with the size and power of the train, it was so close! I didn't realize the train hung over the rails about 2 I was like 4 or feet away from it! And below is a photo of the train when it was next to me.
(click to see bigger)
But don't worry I was just fine and I totally want to do it again!

Here are some of the photos I took of the over pass!
It's such a cool location, I want to do some portraits out here.
I love the leading lines and all the great colors!
Below is the panoramic view I had when I was on the railroad stand...The road you see is Bays road right of RT-25 and I-75.
NO TRESPASSING = come in and take sweet photos!
This is a huge pond next to I-75, it's hidden behind woods, brush, and fields.
And here's a random photo of a old car in Jerry City..... mile or so from my house.
I just want to thank you all for viewing and I always enjoy feed back so let me know what you think.


More coming soon : )


Rachel Jones said...

These are really fantastic, you found some gorgeous places.
My favorites are the black and white of the overpass, and the pond.

Tyson said...

I really love these pictures. Totally awesome!!!!!

Leaffarto said...

very cool pictures man. I like all of them (y)

sigue asi hombre que haces un buen trabajo! :P