Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm a photographer but sometimes I wish I was a musician

Sometimes I really do wish I could be a musician but I have never been musically gifted. If I could learn to play any instrument it would be the piano. But any ways...

This is Zack Fletcher at a show in Toledo Ohio.

It was my 1st time ever hearing him play, he is very talented and if you want to hear some of his music click here!

This is My friend Marky! He also played that night in Toledo. Marky is extremely gifted and his music inspires me! If you want to hear his music click here!
Besides Jamie, Marky is the person I photograph the most!

This is Steve Rieski, I met Steve through church and a couple weeks ago we went out and took some photos with his sweet guitar! Steve is a BGSU Cru adviser and preaches and does worships at Brookside Church.
These photos were taken by some brick road behind the BG library.
It was a really fun shoot!
Thanks everyone for viewing and let me know what ya think.

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