Sunday, March 20, 2011

Detroit photos

A couple weeks ago my friend Sara and I went to Detroit to take some photos.  We went to the Michigan Central Station which has been closed since 1988.  It has been used many movies like Transformers, the Island, and 8 mile....and it's been in a couple Eminem music videos.
 We didn't end up going inside but I am planning on going back sometime soon and taking some photos inside of it!
 Detroit was planning on tearing it down but didn't because people sued saying it was a nationally historic building, that was in 2009.  Now the people who own it have plans to possibly rebuild it, which would be awesome because it's a beautiful building!  But they say it'll cost over 80 million to rebuild!
 Took this photo in an old abandoned house that was burnt down.  
I love this old TV just sittin by itself. 
 This is the house where I found the TV.
 I love the colors!
 Majority of the houses near central station are boarded up and abandoned.
 A guy preaching by himself outside of an abandoned church.
 THis building is right across from Camerica Park.
 THese next two photos where taken from Belle Island outside of Detroit.
Detroit is on the right side and you can see the Ambassador bridge crossing over to Windsor, Canada.  

I really enjoyed visiting Detroit, it's beautiful in it's own way and I cannot wait to go back and photographe it again.
If you know of any sweet places in Detroit to photographe let me know! 


Shelley Lee said...

Great photos of a tragic time for Detroit. I'm pulling for the place of my familiy roots to make a great comeback!

Danielle Doolittle said...

If you can get inside the Lee Plaza and the Spanish Gothic Theater...and the Farwell Building are beautifully decaying...

Anonymous said...

Trev you take amazing photos. I will tell you what and they tell such amazing stories! Thanks for sharing these pictures! :) PS we need to get together sometime. -Nate Doolittle

Gage Thompson said...

Awesome shots man!

Sandy Dally said...

What a contrast between those two cities. Yet, the pictures are beautiful of both cities. You are an artist.