Thursday, July 21, 2011

Old Waterville Bridge

Some friends and I explored this bridge 4 years ago and I have always wanted to go back.  So Lindsey and I went there and took some photos.  

Last time I went I climbed up a tree to get on top of the bridge but some cut the tree down.  I think I'm gonna go back soon with a rop and climb it! 

I really like this photo Lindsey below.

Here are some random photos I took over the past month...
The photo below was taken from my apartment window...I love rainy days.

Here are a couple photos from the Bowling Green Historical Grounds.  I'm gonna go back soon and take more photos.

Thanks for viewing : )


me said...

You're good at taking pictures...kind of ;)

Len said...

Great pics. I love that old bridge. I am 57 living in Fl. but Toledos home and I visit that bridge every time I go back. Your pics are worth a thousand words.

Tomboys said...

Great photos. I used to explore that bridge. What kind of camera did you use?