Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fremont Airport

My girlfriend Lindsey lives in Tiffin and every time I drive to see her I pass this plain on RT-53.  So one day I gave the airport a call to see if I could take some photos the next time I pass by, and on a beautiful sunny day 3 weeks ago I stopped by and took some photos.

From what I understand this is a Douglas DC-3 from the 1940's.
I have always been intrigued by old planes.  When I was young I always dreamed of having a club house in one just like this!

 This plane was in the far back of the airport and was in much better shape than the red one.

 The plane door was open so I snuck inside and took some photos.
When I walked into the plane I felt very uneasy and felt like I was stepping back in time.  I want to go back and take more photos inside of the plane.
Thanks for viewing! 

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plane. plane. plane.