Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canon AE-1 film project

I recently bought a 1978 Canon AE-1 35mm film camera and a 50mm f/1.8 lens on ebay for around $60. The camera works just fine, so I have been shooting with it a lot. I have shot with medium format film before but never 35mm. It's been a lot of fun, shooting with film really makes you take your time and think about of what & why you are taking a photo. It feels so weird to be shooting with a camera that is 8 years older than me! It is fully manual, no auto setting...all it has a is a light meter. It's amazing how spoiled we all are with our digital camera these days, we get to take as many photos as we want and see them instantly. We are used to having scene modes, fully auto settings, and most people would have no idea how to use a film camera. I think it's a great way for people to learn/practice/get better at photography because it makes you take the photo, you have to pick the aperture and shutter speed. When I switch back to my Canon 5D2 it feels like I'm using rocket science technology!!
But overall I have really enjoyed shooting with this camera and have liked the images it was produced. These photo barely have any editing done to them...just some color adjustments.

let me know what you guys think!!

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doruletz said...

well i started with digital and nw slwly i passed to film cameras..:)
i really do not know ....
i am not an master of photography but lately i improved my technique using amnul lenses o my slr..
they are cheaper than the others..(last monh i found in a old things market... a pentax with a 50/1.2 for 15 eur and now i am waiting for the ring to use it with my canon)
when i use them is quite different than af lenses because you must work... like a photographer...
on film even more difficult because you need to think to wait and then to shoot..:D
first time when use it i looked almost every time on the back of the camera to see how the picture look.:D
i changed my way to see photographies..ater i met Pierre .. a french guy who was photographer for his entire life...
he was fashion photographer and he used just film cameras and only manual focus .. and he had better pictures than others using af lenses..
and when i saw his pictures printed on the paper by himself i was very mpressed and i realized the difference between photography and taking pictures..
and other aspect the film image is a direct contact between the subject and film (paper) but the digital image is a re creation of an image using technology
i didn't have time to post on my blog the pics i have made on film but if i can send you some on the email..
mine is
good luck and i am looking fwd to see your pics..