Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Kitten!

This is our new kitten! He is 8 weeks old.
He haven't been able to pick a name for him.
my family is split between Mac & Leo.
I want to name him Mac after the character on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
What do you guys think??
He is very energetic and very hard to keep him still to take a photo of him.

The kitten with our dog Zooey. Zooey is afraid of cats b/c our other cat Ed used to beat her up when she was a puppy. So Zooey was scared of the kitten at first but is now starting to like him more!
Mac is defiantly not scared of Zooey though, he is always trying to play with her. But Mac hasn't had any luck with our other cat Ed who is 12 years old. Ed hisses, growls, and bats at Mac....Ed's a grumpy old man.
Mac taken a nap on our couch.
I love these photos!
Thanks for viewing!!

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