Friday, May 7, 2010

Snook's Dreams Cars Shoot - Trevor Lee Photography - Bowling Green Ohio

Here are some photos I took this past Monday at Snook's Dream Cars in Bowling Green Ohio. Snook's is a car museum and they have a lot of amazing cars! Here are just a few of the photos I took!
This is a 1957 Chevy Bel Air ....and sorry I don't have all of the cars/names/years but I might add em later. This car was beautiful! The detail and the over top design is amazing, they defiantly don't make cars like this anymore!
These two photos were taken infront of the Snooks building.
An old 50's Ford in front of Snooks, all of the cars they have run very well and look brand new!
Pontiac GTO! ...1966...i think. This was taken inside the Snooks building...there are 20 plus other cars in this room!
A sweet 60's Jaguar convertible!
This is a 1933 Cadillac 355C. I love the 2 tone black and blue!
And it's pretty cool how the door reflected the car next to it.

Here are two more photos of the 33 Cadillac, I really like the front of this car is so sweet!
I have more photos from this shoot and I want to go back and take more of there cars, so hopefully I get some more photos up soon!


Jim, "Homer" said...

Awsome job on these Trevor

Anonymous said...

Your photos turned out beautiful!!! Thanks for thinking of Snook's Dream Cars. Come back anytime!!!


Nicole said...

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