Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lake Michigan, Ludgington, Michigan

Lindsey and I went up to Ludington Michigan with my family this past weekend.  I didn't get to take my 5D2 everywhere but I did take some pics with my iPhone.

I took these at the Ludington pier. 

I got drenched taking these next 3 photos!

These photos were taken with my iPhone
We hiked two miles in sand to get to this lighthouse.
The view from the top of the light house.

Lake Michigan is beautiful.  I love all of the different shades of blue in this photo.

My brothers Wes and Dex climbing logs they put in the ground.

My mom and dad.

 My family and Lindsey...Mitch was unable to make it.

 A mink eating a fish on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Ludington pics

Thanks for viewing!


Unknown said...

You are a wonderful photographer and I found you through We Heart this. I am extremely interested in your pictures of Michigan. I am originally from Detroit, MI and I now live in Modesto, CA and I have lived here for the last 20+ years. I have never returned to Michigan because I am a caregiver for my father here in CA. I love your work. Great pics. I will be checking in to see what you shoot next. Thanks again!!! Looking forward to your next adventures!!!


PennyModesto1967 said...

Great pics!!!

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