Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lee family fight club pics....

Last year I did a self portrait of myself that looked like I got beat up, Fight Club of my favorite movies of all time. Since I took that photo I have always wanted to more, so today I did one for everyone one in my family. The photos were taken in our basement. I really like how they turned out! Kinda
The photos were taken with a Canon G10 with Direct flash and were editing in PS and lightroom.
This is my dad and is by far the most graphic photo.
This is my mom...this is what she looks like every morning before coffee...
This is the photo I took last year as a self portrait. It's a lil different than the other ones but I still like it...and this photos is hanging up at the Hallmark Institute of Photography administrative building, which is awesome!
My borther Mitch
My brother Wes
And my youngest brother Dexter...looks like he beat up a lot more than the others!
And Cody, Cody in one of our friends and lives with us.

Thanks for viewing!
I am currently working on another personal project and should be up in 2 weeks or so! But I'll post some stuff before that!

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Leaff said...

haha, i like the photos, they are really great, and scaries too ha., i will never bother your family, they can beat me up :S haha

Saludos desde México =P