Friday, December 25, 2009

This is my family : )

Here are a lot of photos over the past couple weeks and there are more to come

These are interior photos I took at the Victory Hotel in Bowling Green Ohio where we had my Dad's surprise birthday party! It's a really old hotel but really cool, most people don't even know about it.
I thought about doing the 365 self portrait this year but decided I don't really have the time and have more important thing to do. BUT I will be updating my blog more with photos and I might throw in a self pic every once and awhile.
I really like the pool room, it's a great background!
This is my youngest brother Dexter.
My dad turned 50 on Dec 30th!
But the big 50 hasn't affected my dad too much, he very rarely misses a wrestling practice(he's a wrestling coach). I hope I'm as healthy and active at 50 as my dad is!
This is a photo of my dad on Christmas morning.
Zooey protecting the Lee yeah right, shes the wimpiest/ friendliest dog ever!

Some photos of our handsome kitten Bruce! He's growing so fast!
This is Kennedy, Jamie's Aunt's dog
The Hoke tree....I love this photo, it looks like a painting.
Ma and Jamie's family : )
Ethan and my aunt Karmen
Ethan is so cute!

Here are some photos of my family and I.

I will be posting a lot more Christmas photos soon!

(above)This is my brother Dexter. He is 16 yrs old and a sophomore in HS!
(above) This is Wes, he is 18 and a senior in HS.
(above) This is Mitchell, he's 20 and a sophomore at BGSU.
My mom : )
My Dad : )

My moms side of the family...all 17 of us....missing my grand parents(they're in Florida) We missed you!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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