Sunday, August 30, 2009

MMA photos

This is Brian King and he is a professional MMA fighter from northwest Ohio. I took these photos after we got done working out at the Elmwood wrestling room. I am pretty proud of the photo but I didn't use any was shot with window light and one reflector, then I took a photo of the back ground. Later that night I photoshoped Brian into the backround. If i had lights I wouldn't have to do this!
These 2 photos where taken with a Canon 5D with a 28mm f1.8
I took photos at Brian's fight in Columbus, Oh!
Brian dominated this guy! He knocked him out in 54 sec....which means I didn't have much time to get a loy of good photos. Above is a photo of Brian after he slammed him to the mat with a double leg blast then trapped his arm with his leg and then got about 8 punches to the face before the ref staopped the fight!
Congarts Brain!!

Here are some other photos from that night...I had a lot pretty hard time getting good photos becasue the chain link frnce was in my way and my canon 5D is far a sports camera!

Overall I had a lot of fun taking photos at the fights and want to do it again soon!

Thanks for viewing and I love know know what you guys think!

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Christoffer R said...

I've been searching for a good MMA photographer all over the internet. I have to say, your style really appeals to me. Great work.