Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thanks to all my viewers!!

This past week was my highest viewed week ever for my blog and web site! 1130 views for my blog and 522 for my website, a combined 1652 views!

Here are where my views come from!
(click to see it bigger)

(click to see it bigger)
These are screen shots from my google analytics page.

Thank you everyone!!

P.S. I have a really cool personal project that I'm going be starting soon that involves a lot of other photographers! It's gonna be awesome!


Jewel Imaging said...

Congratulations on all the views! I need to start using google analytics... any tips for getting started?

Trevor Lee said...

thanks Jewel! Well you can use your gmail account to access analytics! and I'd just try to promote your site as much as possible! email, facebook message and try to update blog regularly!