Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nashville Trip with Marky

A week ago me and my friend Marky drove to Nashville to visit one my good friends from Hallmark, Sionnie and her husband Greg. It was a lot of fun, I took a ton of photos but sadly my 8GB cp memory card was corrupted, so half of the pics from the trip are lost but here are some I took.
This is Marky Dally, I took these photos at the Parthenon replica in Nashville!
Check out Marky's blog...http://markydally.blogspot.com/

There was a ton of street performers in Nashville!

And a lot of horses!
I love this photo of this dog lol
This is me with Marky and Sionnie at the Parthenon.
Hopefully I can go back sometime again and take more photos....I took a lot of interior, cityscape, and landscape photos but they were lost on the bad card. I'm just glade it went bad on this trip and not a wedding : /

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