Monday, September 28, 2009

Photos from this past weekend

I took this photo in southern Ohio when I was on a canoe trip with the wrestling team.
I also found this VW van. I love old vehicles, if you guys ever know of any old rusty cars/trucks/heavy machinery or cool junk yards let me know!
VW van might be the goofiest looking vehicles ever!

The sky was beautiful on the trip back home, so I took some photos through the windshield.
I have a love hate relationship with power lines... they're always in the way when I'm doing architecture photos and landscapes but sometimes I really like them with sunsets. I think they really make these photos much more interesting, i love the strong contrast and leading lines!
This is my brother Dexter running at Maumee Bay Sate Park(Lake Erie). Elmwood won the race my brothers bother beat their personal records, Wes ran a 16:58 and Dexter ran a 16:45 5k which is 3.1 miles. And Elmwood's top runner Nick Geobel broke the school record running a 16:02!!
These are my 2 youngest brothers Wes on the right who is a senior and Dexter on the left, he's a Sophomore. Dexter took 7th and Wes took 8th.

Thanks for viewing!!

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