Monday, November 1, 2010

Zooey's Puppies!

Zooey had 10 puppies, they are 4 weeks old and so cute!  They are a German Shepard & Bull Mastiff mix.
 There are 5 brown and 5 black puppies.
 This is Carlos, he is the biggest puppy, weighing in around 6 lbs!  THey should be around 80lbs once they are full grown.

 We took them outside on a warm day so they could run around in the grass, they loved it.

One of the pups just relaxing in between my mom's feet. 


KIJONO said...

I really like your site! These puppies are so cute!!!

lucas zanette said...

Hey bro can you contact me I want to get zoeys contact information to see if she can get anymore puppies