Monday, November 1, 2010

Some NYC & Bowling Green Photos

Rainy nights are the best nights for taking photos because the rain on the ground reflect all the great colors from the lights!
Here are some photos of the Clazel in Bowling Green Ohio.
 I live right down the road from South Side 6....they have the best gyros!
Candid photo of my mom on the subway in NYC
 It's so strange to see a horse in NYC
 I didn't really take much photos of NYC, I was in to much of a rush.  I want to go back soon and just go around by myself and take some photos.  The city is overwhelmingly huge and I just need to pick one area and shoot there.
 Some photos at Time one of my least favorite places in NYC to visit, it's so crowded.
My brother and his Cross Country team (Elmwood High) qualified for State again this year!  Congrats guys!
Above is my brother Dexter and below is Nick who is the lead runner for Elmwood, Dex is the 2nd.

 Some photos of my good friend Marky

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