Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need a new bike!

  This has been my bike for the past 4 years, I road it to almost all of my classes and still ride it pretty much everyday!  It's a Trek 400 Road Bike, it was originally my Uncle Tim's bike but he gave it to my dad 16 years ago, so it's at least 20 some years old.
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 I have replaced a lot of parts on it in the past 4 years but it is finally starting to fall apart.
I have crashed it at least 4 times.  I have bent the handlebars, front fork, front rim, and it is scraped up all over. 
 Now that I live in Bowling Green I ride work and just for fun.
I really enjoy riding at night.  It's relaxing, a good way to clear my head, and gets me away from all of the distractions at my apartment. 

I have this iPhone app that tracks my millage, MPH, and tracks me with GPS.  Then sends it to  The site keeps track of all my miles, in the past 3 weeks  have averaged 12.4 miles per day!  I am riding almost as much as I drive now!
 Here's a screen shot of my bike ride route from the other night, I road all around BG.  I can also name & save the routes so I can ride them again in the future...this one was a trip down memory lane.  
 But my bike isn't doing so well though, the back wheel wobbles, most of the gears don't work right, and all the barrings grind.  I really need/want a new bike.  I want to get something that'll last all long as my Trek has!  I don't have the money now but hopefully by the spring I can get one.
I'd love to have this Trek! 

Thanks for viewing and if you have any suggestions of bike brands let me know.

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