Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photos from this past week

A couple photos of Luke James Preforming at the Clazel this past Friday.
I don't like how the Clazel lights for totally ruins photos!  They need all the colored lights on the background, backlighting the performer, and maybe side light with some different colors BUT they need to have a natural on the person so the skin tones are right.  This way the subject wont blend in with the background!! 

This Charley and he's a 8 week old Mastiff/Shepard mix!
He's gettin so big.
 He can finally run pretty well and loves to play.

 I am a dog person and love puppies!   I can't wait till I can have my own dog someday.

Took this a cloudy night behind Grounds for Thought
 I wish I could grow a beard....

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Lindsay said...

Your puppy photos are adorable and very well done.