Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marky Dally & Luke James Clazel show photos!

This past Thursday my good friend Marky Dally and Luke James played at the Clazel in Bowling Green Ohio!
Here are some photo of Marky!
The lighting wasn't to great but I like how most of them turned out!
Marky had a soar throat/was losing his voice but still sounded great!
Check out marky's music

This is Luke James, he's originally from the Bowling Green area but now lives on NYC. I was recently on American Idol, He made it in the top 50!! but didn"t make it into the top 24.
Great job Luke!

Here are some photos of him!
These 2 pics are tilt shift photos I did with my 50mm and 85mm!
I really like the photo above, I like how it focused just on his face !

Check out Luke's music here...Luke James
It was a really great show. Marky & Luke sounded great and please let me know what you guys think!

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