Monday, March 1, 2010

Wide angle for a day!

I switched my Canon 5D2 for my friend's 50D with a 10-22mm lens for a day, which is a very wide lens. I was planning on shooting some interiors in Toledo but that fell through so I just took some photos around BG but I'm gonna shoot some interiors soon though...

Here are some B/W photo from around BG

(above) BGSU library

(below) BGSU campus construction photo
BGSU Union
Me in my room, at my desk/computer
This is Jamie, my fiance : )
Driving through Bowling Green
These are the Lee family pets Zooey(dog), Bruce(kitten), Ed(big cat), and the cat outside is MeatWad(named after a character from Aqua teen Hunger Force).
Meatwad is kinda the reject cat, he's an outside cat....

Thanks for viewing

still working on my personal project!

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