Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winter portraits

Here are some outdoor winter portraits I have taken over the past couple months!!
All of these photos were taken with a 50mm lens
(above) This is my fiance Jamie! I love this photo of Jamie, she loves coffee and spends a lot of time at Grounds for Thought in Bowling Green Ohio(her home town). So it was a perfect location to take her photo and this was my 1st photo of this project, this is the photo that inspired me to take more winter portraits.
(above) This is Marky on the porch of his house on main st in BG. He kinda reminds me of a lion in this photo, his beard and hood fur look like a mane of a lion!
(above)This is Brett, he is a BGSU student and I have known since we were young when we were students at Bowling Christian Academy. I took this photo while me, brett, and Marky went out to shoot around BG. I like how it turned out, I took my 50mm lens of the camera and tilted it to get a tilt-shift look!
(above) This is my Brother Mitch, he's a BGSU student majoring in business. I took this in a BGSU parking lot while it was snowing.
(above)This is Andrew. We have been talking about shooting for like 2 yrs and finally got too! Will have to go again soon! I love the lens flare in this photo!
Below are some others from the shoot.

(above)This is Cody, he lives with us. This photo was taken out behind my parents house in his car!
Below is another photo from the shoot!

(above)This is Chelsae, Matt's girlfriend! Chelsae is a nice girl with a great sense of humor. This photo was taken on a fire-escape stairs in downtown BG.
Below is another pic!

(above)This is my good friend Matt, matt is a photographer too and is very talented!
This photo was taken next to Panera Bread in BG. I really like this alley!
Below is a photo of matt and Chelsae

(above)This is Jesse. Me and Jesse have been friends ever since high school wrestling! I took these photos around the small town of Cygnet Ohio. I was very excited how these turned out! There are some more below!

(above)This is Simone! I found Simone on ModelMayhem.com and scheduled a shoot! These photos were taken around main st in Findlay Ohio. It was was very rainy/snowy and cold and she was a trooper for modeling it such bad weather! The shoot went very well, she was a lot of fun to work with and there are a lot more photos below!

Thanks for viewing and let me know what you think!!

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