Monday, March 22, 2010

Toledo photos & my new s90 pics!

Last week me and my friend Matt went to Toledo and here are some photos I took.

Above is a photo of a church we found some where in Toledo and I don't even remember where but I really like it. I love photographing old churches!
This is a boat on the Maumee river!
Below is a the skyline of Toledo on the Maumee river.
I recently won a Canon s90 compact camera on a online photo competition....the s90 is pretty much a Canon g11 but crammed in a smaller body. It has a f/2 lens, shoots raw files, and has full manual settings! It's a really sweet camera and I like having it b/c I don't have to lug my 5D2 everywhere.
So here are some photos I have taken with it over the past couple days!
These photos were taken at Levis Commons in Perrysburg Ohio. Which I
want to go back to and do some portraits, it's a great location.
Here's a macro shot of some plant we have in our house!
I really like this photo of Ed! This was taken early in the morning and the sun was rising in the background making some sweet lens flare...pretty impressed with the s90's lighting/flare control!
Window light shot of Bruce, he's getting bigger every day!
I love this shot of my mom, so candid and natural. That's whats nice about having a small compact camera, people don't notice it and I can pull it out of my pocket and snap a pic i want without the person knowing.
Pano taken with the s90 of Marky in his room doing what he loves to do
If I have one, I always like ending on a photo of me and Jamie : ) This is a pic of me and Jamie at a hotel in Detroit. me, Jamie, and my family were visiting my mom's side of the family for the weekend, was a lot of fun!
(aaand this photo was taken at 3200 iso, and was very impressed how clear it is...not much grain at all for 3200!)


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