Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here are some photos from the State tournament!Elmwood had 5 kids qualify for Ohio Wrestling State!
Dexter Lee (my youngest brother), 103lb Sophomore. He took 7th!
Nick Goebel, 112lb Junior. He took 3rd!
Wes Lee(my 2nd youngest brother), 125lb Senior. Wes Had a tough tournament, Wes was winning 1st round by 3 points but in the 3rd period he hurt his foot really bad and could barely finish the match, he lost and that kid went on to taken 3rd. The doctors taped his foot up for his 2nd match but he could barely walk and he didn't win the match. It was a hard way to end a season this way but life doesn't always seem fair but I know everything happens for a reason. Great season Wes!
This is Mitch Emmitt, a 130lb Sophomore. He went 0-2 but lost to the state champ 1st round but he still has 2 more years!
This is Tyler Baer, He is a 145lb senior. Tyler is only a 4 yr wrestler and made to state this year! He went 0-2 but had 2 really close matches!
A panoramic I took at Wrestling State in Columbus Ohio! This photo was taken the 2nd day when all 10 mats are down but for the finals there are only 3 mats and a lot more seating, The state attendance record was set my sophomore year and it was just under 17,000 for finals! Which is the most people to ever watch any high school event indoors!
Click on the photos to see the photo bigger....look at the bottom left and you'll see Wes(my brother).
Me, my brother Dexter, and my dad after Dex won his 7th place match!
This is the hotel we stay in every year at state and it's sweet!!

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