Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ashley & Kyle's Weding Photos

This past Saturday I shot Ash and Kyle's wedding and it was awesome! Kyle and the groomsmen road their bikes 66 miles from Columbus Grove Ohio to the wedding in Holland Ohio. I road in a car taking photos out the sunroof of them riding!
Team pic once they arrived

Ashley with her mom, family and friends getting ready for the wedding.
There was a good chance of rain but it ended up being a beautiful day...just a lil cold but i love out door weddings!
Kyle's reaction to seeing Ash walk down the aisle!

It was a perfect setting for a wedding.

Ash & Kyle with their parents
Ash with her bridesmaids
I love this photo of Ash & Kyle!

I merged these 2 photos together
The 1st dance

Then the dancing started, this wedding had the most dancing I ever seen!
Photo of my girlfriend Jamie dancing...she loves to dance : )

I really like this photo, th blurred glow sticks are awesome and make the photo so interesting! To take these photo I was shooting at at f/4 @ 1sec and popping the flash to freeze the action!
Overall it was a really fun wedding and I like how the wedding photos turned out!

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