Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love this photo!!

Every once and awhile I take a photo that I really like, it's never a planned photo....and for some reason I really like this photo of this old beat up Ford mustang. I was just walking around Bowling Green, OH and saw this car, I liked the color and texture of the car so I took a photo of it but I didn't think much of it then. But after editing it I have just fallen in love with it, I don't know why? It 's more like a portrait than just another car photo, like the photo captured the personality of the car, and I love the color of it. I don't know.... let me know what you think?
As you know I used to take a self portrait everyday but i gave up b/c it was very time consuming. But yesterday I felt like taking one. This photo was taken with my Canon 5D mark II, 50mm f/1.4, and I used 2 shop lights from my garage to light it.....since I don't have strobes : (
I have been getting really bored lately, just been sitting in my room and editing a lot. I watch a lot of TV and youtube while editing....I watched all the seasons of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a lot of Seinfeld, Srubs, The Office, and I watch, college humor, Philip DeFranco, and The Station channels on youtube. So I need to get out more lol I want to go shoot, if any of you guys want to hang out and take some photos let me know!!

Thanks for viewing, ttyl

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