Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Big House - Michigan vs. Penn St.

I went to the Michigan vs. Penn St. game this Saturday with my mom, uncle Dave, and mom's cousin Rob. Even thought Michigan played like crap and it was freezing cold and raining, we still had a lot of fun. Ann Arbor is a really cool town and Michigan Stadium"The Big House" is amazing!! It is the biggest stadium in America and the third biggest in the world! There was over 110,000 people in attendance that day! And considering how big the stadium is there really isn't a bad seat.

The top photo is 3 pics put together and the bottom one is 5!
( click to see bigger)
This photo was taken from the very top of the stadium.
And this photo was taken from my seat.
I highly recommend going to the Michigan stadium to see a game, it's awesome!

I will be posting some sweet new stuff soon!

Band photography!

Friday night went with my parents to watch our friend Tony's band play....they're call Myndcrym. They're a hard metal band. I went to high school with Tony, we wrestling and ran cross country together and now he is my mom's personal trainer!

These photo were taken at the Omni in Toledo Ohio, the lighting was pretty sweet and I really like how the photos turned out!!
I love this photo of the drummer!

This is the band that played before Myndcrym...I don't know the band's name.

It was a lot of fun taking these photos, it's been awhile since I've taken live show photos! I really like and want to shoot some more!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wild Life Safari Pics!!

All of these photo were taken at the Wild Life Safari near Ceder Point. This place has a ton of animals in this giant fenced in area that you can drive your car through. I took all of these photos out our van windows. This place is a lot of fun, you can touch the animal and feed them. This is my families second time visiting, if you go you'll want to bring a vehicle that you wont mind getting dented/scratched but the animals!
I really like how these photos turned out! I love the top photo, it looks like my old guinea pig but with horns! lol

The animals would put their head in out window to get the food, it was pretty cool!
The giraffe was the our favorite

I will be posting some video from the wildlife safari soon on my facebook!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Mom Shelley - check out her blog!

This is my mom, Shelley. She is a great mom, she has managed to raise me and my 3 younger brothers, which isn't an easy task. It's not easy being the only female in the family....when it comes to movies me, my brothers, and dad want to watch "shoot em up" movies, she wants "chick flicks" or when she gets a new outfit or shoes and wants an opinion on how they look on her we're never much help. I think it's her great sense of humor that has kept her sane over the years. And I think it's her sense of humor that we all share and it is one of the reasons why we get along so well as a family! We enjoy watching the same TV shows, find randoms things in life to be funny....we just laugh a lot!

My mom is also a very talented writer! She has a blog that she updates weekly with funny, uplifting, and inspiring stories. I highly recommend that you check out her blog! Read! Follow/subscribe! there's the link... shelleyrlee.blogspot.comI took these photos 3 weeks ago! The top one ways taken on our front porch and the bottom one was taken on the road we live on by the bridge.
Thanks for viewing and don't forget the look at my mom's blog!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tyler's senior photos

I took Some of Tyler's senior pics yesterday and it went really well!

Tyler enjoys hunting in his free time, this photo was taken in his back yard.
I will be taking some more photos of Tyler and my brother Wes this Monday! I'll post them Tuesday!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Balloons and random pics

I took these photos of Marky a couple days ago! It was a lot of fun and I'd like to re-shoot/do some more with this idea!
Here are some random photos I've taken over tge past week or so
This photo was taken in the small town of Cygnet, Ohio...where I lived for 5 years when I was young! And a random fact you may not know is.... a "cygnet" is a baby swan : )
these two photos were taken outside of Cygnet...someone crashed into this telephone poll, I hope they're okay. But anyways I thought it was a really cool photo, the sky was beautiful and I love the leading lines the power lines create.
This is my home.
I took this photo a week ago, the sky was beautiful!
Thanks for viewing. I just got a remote for my 5D2, so now I can do some more time lapses!
So hopefully I will be able to post some soon!

Wes (my brother) Senior Photos

This is my brother Wes, he is a senior at Elmwood High school and he runs cross country, track, and he wrestles! Westley is planing on running or wrestling in college. Wes has a great sense of humor, he loves playing video games, hanging out with friends, and late night Waffle House trips!
I took these photos at the Bowling Green Historical Society, there are a lot of great photo locations there!

I will be shooting some more of Wes....some in the wrestling room and maybe some CC pics!
Thanks for viewing!!

Travis' Senior Photos

This is Travis and I did has senior photos a week or so ago, these are just some of them but I like how they turned out. Travis runs cross country at Elmwood High, with my brothers and he is also a very intelligent young man and has visited and wants to attend M.I.T.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ashley & Kyle's Weding Photos

This past Saturday I shot Ash and Kyle's wedding and it was awesome! Kyle and the groomsmen road their bikes 66 miles from Columbus Grove Ohio to the wedding in Holland Ohio. I road in a car taking photos out the sunroof of them riding!
Team pic once they arrived

Ashley with her mom, family and friends getting ready for the wedding.
There was a good chance of rain but it ended up being a beautiful day...just a lil cold but i love out door weddings!
Kyle's reaction to seeing Ash walk down the aisle!

It was a perfect setting for a wedding.

Ash & Kyle with their parents
Ash with her bridesmaids
I love this photo of Ash & Kyle!

I merged these 2 photos together
The 1st dance

Then the dancing started, this wedding had the most dancing I ever seen!
Photo of my girlfriend Jamie dancing...she loves to dance : )

I really like this photo, th blurred glow sticks are awesome and make the photo so interesting! To take these photo I was shooting at at f/4 @ 1sec and popping the flash to freeze the action!
Overall it was a really fun wedding and I like how the wedding photos turned out!